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Welcome to Read Short Fiction, a place dedicated to shorter works of fiction and their amazing readers.  Yes, a reader of short fiction is someone special – someone who wants the essence of life distilled down to its core, savoring it just as one would a gourmet meal that the chef reduced during cooking to concentrate its flavor.  You, reader, are welcome here.  We want to amass for you a wealth of wonderful stories to entertain and inspire, because life’s too short to read boring fiction.


Read Short Fiction is a hatchery for the rebirth of the short story in the everyday reading world.  Think about it: we’re all busy people — often insanely so — and more and more our world around us is getting faster and more condensed.  What, then, makes for better material to read and be entertained by in this always-quickening world: a 300+ page novel, or a 3-10 page short story?  We here at Read Short Fiction are ecstatic that short fiction is making its comeback and will get its day back in the sun, and we want to be there with the bottle of champagne to welcome it home.


Read Short Fiction, as a reader-focused journal, allows readers to comment on the posted stories.  We believe reader-response to be the essential part of reading that makes it such a worthwhile activity, but with a voice comes responsibility, and we moderate comments to ensure a fair discussion.

Please observe the following one, simple, easy-to-remember guideline when responding to a story.  Ready for it?  Here it is:  1. Be nice. Civil discourse is what we’re about.  It’s fine to comment that you didn’t care for a story, if you’re substantive and forthright.  But rants, flames, and senseless barbs have no place here (but you knew that already).

All comments include a “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” feature.  Comments are moderated to prevent spam and to preserve the spirit of what we are hoping to build together.


We’re editors (and writers) who want to see the day that people talk about the latest Jhumpa Lahiri short story at the water cooler with as much emotion as they do American Idol.  We may be dreamers in that regard, but nothing was ever accomplished without first being someone’s dream.

More specifically, we are:

- Robert Mayette, a writer in several genres, primarily literary fiction, historical fiction and fantasy.  Mr. Mayette holds an MA in English Literature and when not working on his own writing, he loves curling up with literary novels and works of sci-fi and fantasy.  By day, he works for a technology company.

- Kristi Petersen-Schoonover, a writer of literary fiction and horror.  Ms. Petersen-Schoonover holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, where she also served as Editor-in-Chief of the Pitkin Review.  You can read more about Kristi at her website.


Validating short fiction as the ideal writerly art form for these current jam-packed times, this article from The Telegraph on the rise of the short story is a nice overview of short fiction's coming into its own.

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  • Short Stories From the New China - Daily Beast 2014/11/21
    Daily BeastShort Stories From the New ChinaDaily Beast“In a head-on collision, speed gave you a survival advantage,” goes a line in the collection's final story, “Switchback, 1994,” articulating a metaphor for cultures premised on such gladiatorial values, “your momentum propelling you, like a plow ... […]
  • Mystic Ink 's Short Story Collection Named Finalist In USA Best Book Awards - Broadway World 2014/11/20
    Mystic Ink 's Short Story Collection Named Finalist In USA Best Book AwardsBroadway WorldJeffrey Keen, President and CEO of USA Book News, said this year's contest yielded over 2,000 entries from mainstream and independent publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Penguin, John Wiley & Sons, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kensington Books, ...Mys […]
  • National Book Award Goes to Phil Klay for His Short Story Collection - New York Times 2014/11/20
    SFGate (blog)National Book Award Goes to Phil Klay for His Short Story CollectionNew York TimesPhil Klay won the National Book Award for fiction on Wednesday night for his debut short story collection, “Redeployment,” which draws on his experience serving as a Marine in Iraq and captures the terror, boredom and occasionally the humorous side of ...Marine vet […]
  • Short-story collection 'See You in Paradise' plays with genre while exploring ... - MyrtleBeachOnline.com 2014/11/19
    Short-story collection 'See You in Paradise' plays with genre while exploring ...MyrtleBeachOnline.comThis flexibility with genre is immediately apparent in his new short-story collection, "See You in Paradise," 14 tales covering topics from failing marriages and adoption to zombies, backyard interdimensional portals and wraiths. In one o […]
  • Oscar-winner Tom Hanks to release collection of short stories - Press TV 2014/11/16
    Press TVOscar-winner Tom Hanks to release collection of short storiesPress TVDespite having no specific title or a release date so far, Knof-Doubleday Publishing Group has secured a contract to print and spread Hanks' short story collection. It will also include the photographs of his personal vintage machines, both manual and ... […]
  • Tom Hanks Short Story Collection To Be Published - Business 2 Community 2014/11/05
    Business 2 CommunityTom Hanks Short Story Collection To Be PublishedBusiness 2 CommunityTom Hanks is publishing a short story collection with Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Company. The collection will be about… typewriters. In a press release about the short story collection, Hanks said “I've been collecting typewriters for no particular ...Typewriters and […]

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